Fair and Flexible

With our sub-affiliate plan you might also persuade others to join and you will earn up to 15% on any share of your sub affiliate. Please be aware that we could add "negative carry over" for a test period if the affiliate and traffic quality is unknown. If you are sure that your customers have higher value and you’d like to treat mybet as a premium partner, please feel free to contact affiliates@mybet.com and discuss a special plan.

Most competitive revenue share plan

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer the same commission structure for all products and our affiliates gets to enjoy all of them, regardless which product of origin the referred customer initially chose. Our easy-to-understand revenue share plan offers an unbeatable 50% revenue share for our top partners.

Standard Net Revenue Share Plan

Net Revenue Monthly Your share %
€1 - €4,000 30%
€4,001 - €8,000 35%
€8,001 - €15,000 40%
€15,001 - €25,000 45%
€25,001 and more 50%

Example tiered structure

An affiliate's referred customers generate € 10,000 in net revenue in the month of March.

Affiliate would then earn: 40% (of € 10,000) = € 4,000


Sub-Affiliate Commission Plan

Sub-Level Your share of the Sub-Affiliate Share
Tier 1 15%
Tier 2 8%

Example sub-affiliate commission structure

The sub-affiliate's customers generate € 1,000 in net gaming revenue. The sub-affiliate then earns € 300.The referring affiliate would then earn: 15% (of € 300) = € 45


For more information about commission structure, anti-fraud policy and payment procedure, check our terms and conditions.